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Latest Obsessions, Just Because

PodNod is all about our users – what you like, what you don’t like and what you can’t quite decide about.  That’s why, every so often, we like to ask you what you’ve been using the app for lately and what’s generally hot in your latest purchases.

So ladies, drop us a comment and tell us your:  must-have summer book, accessory and makeup item.  Gentlemen:  must-have summer book, shoe and outdoor item.

Here are mine, to kick-start this:

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender – $16.86,

H&M Sunglasses – $5.95, (Neons forever, am I right?)

Black Dior Mascara – $25,

Now that you’ve gotten a little inspiration and I’ve gotten my latest obsessions out there, leave us a comment, tweet us or post on our Facebook page and give us yours.  Deal?  Deal.  Or we aren’t friends.  So yeah, deal.

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Ways to Use PodNod, Episode 15

Picture this:

Your name is Mila and you’re twenty seven.  Most importantly, you are fine-all-ee taking off on vacation!  You’ve pretty much been counting down the days since your last extended vacay which was, well, last summer.  Yeah.  Too long.  You’re looking forward to everything about this except the (wait for it) packing.  You hate hate packing.  You’ve seriously considered canceling more than one trip the night before as you tried to cram everything you might possibly need into your suitcase(s).  Generally plural.

So that’s where you are right now.  Suitcase #2 is stuffed to the brim and Suitcase #3 is looking awfully attractive at this moment.  You know the airline is going to charge you last winter’s entire bonus for that third suitcase but hey, the comfort?  Priceless.  Worth it, at least.

You feel sort of terrible about all of this but what better to cure the blues than a good LOL?  You snap a photo of your three suitcases in succession and PodNod it off to your bestie, Steph.  “Three suitcases for the vacay.  Yeah.  LOL?”

Steph is always there to cheer you up when you’re down so your stomach drops when you get her “nah” back and then the message, “NO.  Mila.  Consolidate.”

You head off to you dictionary app and it’s, fittingly, Definition #3 that jumps out at you: “to form into a compact mass.”  (Props, Merriam-Webster.)  Okay.  Actually, that makes some sense.  You look back down at your suitcase and it’s really kind of creepy – unnecessary things keep popping out at you!  Like, seriously, there is no way you need that pair of shoes you loathe that you haven’t worn in three years and that pink tank?  Stained.  Stained beyond help.

“Thanks,” you text Steph back.  “You’re the best.”

“Bestie,” she corrects you.

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Take the Experience and…

At PodNod, as many of you know, we always love people who create art out of everyday situations and objects.  It’s what we aim to do over here: take an experience that you’re already having and make it that much more beautiful, fun and enjoyable.  Whether that experience is getting your friend’s opinions or… rocking a dirty car.  Check this out:

Photo: Jules Alexander, Yahoo! Auto.

This is created by artist Scott Wade who was featured on Yahoo! today.  You can see lots more photos here and watch a video about it right here.

Fantastic stuff, isn’t it?  Leaves us inspired every time.  Happy Tuesday!

Want to see more contests, stories behind PodNod and news tidbits that relate to the app? Come back right here, to this blog every other Tuesday and be sure to send in requests for what you want to hear about to We’ll answer our favorites here!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PodNod Over at Appcelerator

End-of-the-week surprise!  We usually blog on Tuesdays, but with all the exciting stuff going down over here, we’re throwing out this link before we head into our weekends.  Which will, of course, be spent on sunny beaches sipping freshly-squeezed juice.  (In our dreams.)

Anyhow, the link!  PodNod was the featured app yesterday over at Appcelerator and you can read their fantastic piece about us right here.  Here’s a quick snippet, if you’re rushing off to aforementioned weekend getaway and don’t have time to read the whole thing:

The neat circular frame accompanied by the two large buttons for “nod” or “nah” make for a welcoming, easy-to-use interface. And finally, PodNod offers a dislike option you’ve always longed for from sites like Facebook, while being less harsh than a YouTube thumbs down.  CEO Dave Mager states, “We’ve created the first socially acceptable negative response that mimics how people respond in person because, let’s face it, you can’t have honest dialogue if you can only ‘like’ things.” Of course, you can still choose to ignore the many “nahs” you accumulate, and then stick it to your friends by posting your final decision under the “Here’s What Happened” section.

We would also like to mention that they linked to this blog right here because, seriously, this blog right here is pretty awesome, in our opinion.  And though generally we’re all for the “nah” response, not so much in this case.

Happy Friday, PodNodders!

Ways to Use PodNod, Episode 14

Picture this:

Father’s Day is lots of fun, right?  Correction:  it is the most stressful day of the year. Your name is Lea and you’re 16.  Back before your brother went off to college, he dealt with the gift-giving for your dad, but he’s gone now and the duty is all yours.  Which kind of freaks you out.

That is why, maybe, it wasn’t until 10:30pm the night before the holiday that you all of a sudden remembered that it was indeed tomorrow.  Mega-oops.  Your brother lectured you on this and how you were supposed to have all of the stuff ready first thing in the morning, because that was the tradition.  You may or may not have been texting your girlfriends about mall plans when he said that.

You look around, absolutely panicked.  The drugstore is probably still open, but you may or may not be grounded for sneaking out a few nights ago.  So that’s out of the question.  The whole point of this holiday is to obey Dad no matter how bonkers his rules are, right?  Sneaking out doesn’t really go along with that.

You putter around the house for a while, trying to find something, anything that might fill the bill.  “Coming up empty” does not even begin to cut it.

That’s when you stumble upon his baseball card collection.  Boy, you haven’t looked here in ages.  Good reason why, maybe.  They are crazy messy.  And staring at them, all strewn across the floor, you have an idea.  Taking great pains to be quiet, you collect them in a box and take them up to your room, then settle down on the floor.  You get an old binder you haven’t used in years and painstakingly begin to slip the cards into the plastic covers.  When you’re all done with that, you decorate the cover of the binder with a few game tickets and collage the words “Happy Father’s Day” onto it.  This is actually kind of bringing back some fond baseball memories.

So, for the final test… you pull out your phone (not taken when you were grounded, thank goodness) and snap a photo of the card.  Then you send it off your brother.

“Father’s Day present, yea or nay?” you ask.

It’s nearly 11:30pm by now, but you figure college students stay up late.

Sure enough, his response pops up a moment later.  “OMG that is awesome.  Did you do that?  All on your own?  Little sis, you are growing up.”

You tap the “What Happened” button: “Yep.  All me.”

Being grounded?  You are going down when Dad sees this.

Want more wacky ways to use PodNod? Come back right here, to this blog every other Tuesday and be sure to send in your own stories to We’ll feature our favorites here and give you an iPod Shuffle if we use yours!

PodNod Featured on PandoDaily!

Oh, yes, you read the title correctly.  PodNod was featured on the front page of the fantastic PandoDaily website this morning and it’s a super-fab article.  Check it out here, PodNodders!

My personal favorite part of the article comes right at the beginning:

“If I could gather the thoughts of my five most stylish friends before I bought a new piece of clothing, I could avoid a lot of those awkward ‘what were you thinking?’ moments.”

That’s probably my favorite part because I can seriously identify.  I have those “what were you thinking?” moments all the time with my girlfriends, even though I consider myself to be something of a fashionista.  Let’s just say my friends do not always agree with my, er, quirky taste.  PodNod has definitely, definitely helped me out with that.  Even if I’ve ignored a few “nah”s when I just loved the peculiar item of clothing too much for words.

So Happy Wednesday!  We’re half-way through the work week and you know what that means:  we’re getting closer and closer to that weekend shopping spree.  Accompanied by PodNod, of course.

The Rundown on PodNod

PodNod Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Beta app in the Apple iTunes store. PodNod makes it faster and more fun to ask questions and give responses by mimicking simple interactions that occur frequently between friends. For example:

Jamie: “What do you think of this?” (holds something up)

Sam: “Nah” (shake of the head meaning “it’s not right for you”)

Today, people either post a picture with question to everyone and their grandmother on Facebook/Twitter, or they text the picture and a message to a group of friends which is clunky and time consuming. With PodNod, it’s the best of both worlds. Users take/choose a picture, tap a question, then ask a few friends in their phone’s contact list, or open it up to their social networks — it’s their choice based on the question they are asking. PodNod gets users more responses by making it fast and simple for recipients to respond quickly. And importantly, friends do not have to join a new network to respond. All friends need is a browser, and with a simple push of a button (nod or nah), they can give a quick response. Friends can also leave a personalized comment or customize one of PodNod’s tap-enabled responses.

“The key to our solution is we make it faster, easier and more fun to ask for quick advice than old school group texting or emailing,” remarked Dave Mager, CEO of PodNod. “With PodNod, taking a picture, asking your contacts and/or social networks, and seeing responses all happens in one place through our app. Between Pair and Path, we see the need for pods. Pods are our user’s list of friends around unique interests like running, new moms, best friends. Users create their pods on the fly to make it faster to ask the same group of friends the next time they need quick answers.”

PodNod can help break through the social noise by giving you the option to easily send a text message to the most important friends along with asking your question on Facebook and/or Twitter. Facebook has been reportedly experimenting with charging users to get visibility. With PodNod, it’s easy and free to stand out and get a response.

“We are creating personal social connection tools, not another private social network,” continued Dave Mager. “While most tools are focused on outward ‘sharing,’ we’ve focused on the ‘social ask.’ Our beta testing shows successful social asking requires a focus on the question/response not the picture, the ability to choose a limited number of friends, near real-time responses if needed, and an acceptable social negative. We’ve created the first socially acceptable negative response that mimics how people respond in person because, let’s face it, you can’t have honest dialogue if you can only ‘like’ things.”

PodNod is a free app available through Apple’s iTunes store. PodNod is currently available on iOS with plans to introduce an Android version in the works. Let PodNod know what you think of its app and idea by clicking here: .

About PodNod

PodNod is developing a social shopping platform that enables users to get quick product advice from their friends. By emulating offline behaviors using thoughtful and seamless mobile and online technologies, PodNod enables users to get the advice they need, when they need it. PodNod’s first offering is a fast, simple and easy app that allows users to ask questions to the friends and/or social networks in one place, and get quick responses from friends without having to join a new social network. As part of its roadmap, PodNod plans to introduce additional product conversations and functionality with the goal of being the preeminent tool for quick feedback conversations between friends. PodNod is located in Berkeley, California.

For more information, visit:


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